Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just wanted to acknowledge Sam's post on painting with light by showing a few photographs by Chip Simons, one of my old competitors (back when we were the two photographers that magazine editors had typecast as "funny").

Chip was always much funnier, and he took the painting with light concept farther than just about anyone else.

Remember that there is no Photoshop in these images, and if I am not mistaken they are all shot on transparency film

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Fiat Lux said...

Very nice. And yes, they definitely look like reversal. I'm most impressed by the piece of the tree in the evening. Method? all i can think of is projecting the background onto the foreground to give the trunk that impression of translucency (which might explain the slight overexposure). Nonetheless, i'm not fully satisfied with that explanation...
Any guess as to how he may have achieved it?