Friday, January 23, 2009

Health Insurance (revised)

One thing that a lot of younger photographers take a chance on is trying to get away without health insurance, and fewer employers are providing care for their full time employees.   Ceci and Eli racked up over a half a million dollars in hospital bills when he was born between both of their hospital stays, and we won't even start on my doctors bills from crashing into things when I was still racing.

A friend recently told me about some low cost options from Freelancers Union.  They offer a range of plans, including premium family plans and dental coverage,  all of them are pretty inexpensive compared to other options. They have one particular, ($10,000 deductible), plan (assuming you are young and healthy) that seems too good to go without.  For $ 150 bucks a month you are covered against the kind of catastrophic accident or illness that can cripple your finances for life.  

After I posted this the first time Avi Gerver sent me an e mail suggesting that I also mention Fractured Atlas.

This a terrific artist support organization. They actually have an even cheaper plan with a $ 5000 deductible.  

Nice call Avi.

Whaddya waitin for?


Greg Ceo said...

When all of you young photographers are looking into health insurance, DO NOT get insurance through a company called, "Golden Rule." Freenlancer's Union and other group plans may offer insurance through "Golden Rule," just beware. You don't have to have a physical to get the insurance, but you will most likely immediately be sued at the first sign of a serious medical condition. That's right, they will sue you hoping you can't afford to fight them, rather than pay your bills. I know. It happened to me.

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